Dexedrine Effects

The effects of Dexedrine are determined by numerous factors, such as body weight, other medical conditions, and other medications. Dexedrine come as either short-acting (usually 4 hours) or long-acting (6-12 hours) tablets. The shorter-acting medications effects take place in 20 minutes, while the longer-acting ones may take up to a hour before the effects begin to take place.

Hundreds of animal studies and human clinical trials leave no doubt about how Dexedrine effects work. First, Dexedrine suppress all spontaneous behavior. In healthy chimpanzees and other animals, this can be measured with precision as a reduction in all spontaneous or self-generated activities. In animals and in humans, this is manifested in a reduction in the following behaviors: (1) exploration and curiosity; (2) socializing, and (3) playing. Second, Dexedrine increase obsessive-compulsive behaviors, including very limited, overly focused activities.

Dexedrine Effectsincreased alertness and energy feeling of well-being rapid heart beat and breathing increased blood pressure sweating dilated pupils dryness of mouth the user may become talkative restless excited feel powerful superior aggressive hostile behave in a bizarre, repetitive fashion The effects of very large doses of Dexedrine produce:flushing pallor very rapid or irregular heart beat tremors severe paranoia frightening hallucinations death can result from use as a consequence of burst blood vessels in the brain, heart failure, or very high fever. Violence, accidental or otherwise, is a leading cause of amphetamine related deaths.
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